This Sterilizer storage box uses advanced UV-C light: A long-lasting UVC light bulb can be used over 5000 times = 13 years.


Multifunction Sterilizer Box: Clean for salon, barber, nail tools, cell phones, earphones, watches, eyeglasses, toys and so on. Its efficient and rapid sterilization in 8 minutes safely eliminates 99.99% of harmful germs, using UVC light and Ozone.


Superior Reflection: This UV box has reflective glass providing 360° protection for universal coverage. UV lamp strength is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun.


Protect your health and safety: The UV box is safely designed with an automatic Magnetic Induction Switch to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays during use. UV light will automatically shut off once lid is open.


Safety:FCC certified and FDA registered. We offer replacement guarantee and excellent customer satisfaction. Our portable UV sterilizer;is designed for Professional Tools, household items, personal items, such as mobile phones, cosmetic brushes, jewelry, shaver, toothbrush, pacifier, comb, eyeglasses and other daily appliances that tend to be high touch areas that may collect germs. Equipped with a UV-C light sterilizing lamp with light ozone intensity equal to more than 20 times of light intensity of sun ray.


Package Includes: Elegant Packaging Box, Portable uv sterilizerx1, Power Cable x1, User Manual x 1

UV-C Sterilizer Box